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Monster&Hatchet ♥

Every time I attempt to show off my betta fish to everyone ... theyy think I am strange and sociallyy awkward. lol. IT all started when I won a goldfish in Biology for beingg the onlyy person making an "A" on an exam and I named him "Jew", because we were recentlyy learningg about the holocaust and for some reason, Hitler didn't seem like a brilliant name for a goldfish... I had him for 2 weeks, and didn't even realize goldfish didn't last long ... I cried... until my mother and my little brothers got me a baby babyyy betta fish...

His name is Lil Monster GaGa -named for Ladyy Gaga and her "monster" fans- and he is about 3 months old now. I am beyond in love with him and I love his personality. I have been researchingg the past few months on different fish I can put in a tank with him, because I know that you can't put 2 betta's in a tank together.... I was thinkingg goldfish at first... but I am going to wait a while longer to see if he is goingg to get anyy bigger. When I first got him, he was still the baby pink color and as he got older, the blue and the red started to come in. I don't know much about fish, but I believe he is a blue vail? lol not to sure. He puffs up whenever he sees me and I start talkingg to him and he swims to his feeding hole waitingg to be fed, but I researched that you can't feed them to much, because of the "harmless parasites" that appear in his tank... So I went from feedingg him when I wake up and when I go to sleep to just when I get home from school ... and it seems to not be workingg well with #HIS schedule. If I don't pick up his food container right then and there, he will get all puffyy and show me his fins and tails and everything else... He just recentlyy discovered them. So adorable !!

That is Hatchet. I got him because it was more of a joke between my best friend and me ... He looked extremely creepy in my opinion and I was lookingg for a perfect pet to fit the name "Ghostly Hatchet" and then I discovered him. I just recentlyy got him on the 14th and it is love at first sight. I don't have 2 filters, and all I have is just 2 tanks, Monster's tank is extremelyy huge but I am scared if I switch their tanks, that will just tick Monster off a little bit more because he likes the room he has now... and Hatchet, won't eat. I clean Monster's tank every week, every saturdayy or sundayy to be exact, and I am goingg to have to start that with Hatchet too, and I give Monster the filter in the mornings and when I am at school, and Hatchet gets it when I am get home and while I sleep ... I don't know if this is healthyy or not, but I don't have the moneyy to go and buy an identical tank -because I am extremelyy OCD and the 2 different tanks is just #KILLING me- and let them both have a tank filter. I don't have anyy friends either that just have one on hand haha. The scheduled filter is probablyy better than nothing though, right?

I just wanted to show off meh babiess =D
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goldfish live a very long time, i think one is 20yrs old. though often less than optimal tanks are stocked with goldfish ie less than 10-15g, no filter or air pump. sometimes a goldfish is put in a 5 g though its not optimal, it could survive but will be stunted. goldfish have a high biological output ie dirty fish and dirty water doesnt help much. a friend of mine kept a goldfish in a 10g for 11 years or so and it was only 5 inches long. im no expert in goldfish but many similar myths are promoted for goldfish as betta.
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They are both beautiful bettas :) I wouldn't put goldfish with them though, they have high ammonia, plus goldfish aren't tropical fish.. meaning they stay in colder water.

Goldfish do live a long time.. but in my opinion are a bit hard to care for unless in a big tank because of how dirty the water gets so quickly and because of the ammonia. I never had luck with them anyway.

As for the filter, depending on the size tank.. I don't normally use them. If its 10 gallons then I will just do a water change which getting all the junk out every 3 days or so. If its anything smaller I do a partial water change every other day and then a 100% water change on the weekend. But clearly what your doing is working since you have some beautiful bettas :)
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Lol thanks for the feedback,
Yea my goldfish started getting black spots on him, and I researched it and it was ammonia burns? and I was in the process of treating him, I walked away for 5 minutes to get the plants clean for his tank, came back and I lost him.
I have a tall 1 gallon for Hatchet and a 4.5 for Monster but my friend is suppose to be gettingg me a 25gallon and I am goingg to go and find some dividers for them ... their tanks are pretty much clean, rarelyy get foggy or anything. Monster refuses to eat pellets and so I feed him the flakes with the dried bloodworms (?) and he picks the dried bloodworms first then eats the flakes, and Hatchet prefers the pellets but the bloodworms out of the flakes.
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