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Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
I think rescuing can also be taking an animal out of a bad situation. They aren't necessarily sick but just not treated right. I got a betta from a neighbor who told me he's not made of gold and he could easily be replaced and she was not going to change the water in his half gallon vase more than once a month and if he couldn't deal with it too bad. She had me to fish sit for her 3 times and she acted like she didn't want him and I had to carry him back to her house twice. The 3rd time I decided to keep him. She told people that I acted like I didn't want to give him back so she decided to let me keep him! I would have gladly given him back to her if she wanted to take care of him properly but she didn't. He was the sweetest little guy and I'm so glad I kept him.
I think your friend really knew u were right and didnt want to admit to it . Way to go for rescuing that fishy!
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Originally Posted by Bettanewbie60 View Post
I knew nothing about betta fish the day I brought Buddy home. I was walking around my local Walmart, picking up dog treats and doing all I could to keep from thinking about the skin cancer I had just had removed 10 days earlier. Waiting to hear back from the pathologist was so scary. As I walked through the pet section I saw all these little cups with a fish in them. I had never even seen/noticed them before. I took a closer look and saw something in them that spoke to my heart, and peaked my curiosity. I picked up a cup with this blue/red looking fish and decided to take him home...I bought a 1g tank kit and headed for checkout. I had no idea what a wonderful diversion I would find by taking this little guy home. As soon as I got home I looked up online how to care for him, got him set in his new home, which I would later upgrade...but for that first day, and most of the next, I was so busy making a better life for "Buddy Blue", that I had no time to sit and ponder the scary possibility of my own illness. Through all my research and reading, I found out so much about this incredible fish, and realized he was not is such good he is on the second day with me...the day I got the call that I was cancer free!
Attachment 64408

And this is my Buddy Blue today...
Attachment 64407
Since I got him back in June, I have become so addicted to these fish..and I have always been a sucker for "the one no one will want". I don't look for the sickest, but the healthiest out of all the ones that will surely die on the shelf...I now have 6 of these wonderful creatures, and I am so glad that he rescued ME.
Wow! That is truly a beautiful and touching story! I'm so happy for both of u!
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Thank you. I'm so glad I got him because he was the sweetest fish I've ever had. He had such a great personality. He was a jumper, too. Lol. He attacked his food like a shark attacking prey. Lol
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Hi BB..I want to share my story with my 3 most recent rescues, I am at work, I cannot show pix at this time, will update later, but here is where it started..
My daughter attends the local YMCA..and in the community tank, there was several different species of fish, bettas included, and I knew that they should not of had the bettas in there..with a goldfish, and a few others, that are saltwater cold as days went on, I noticed the tank, a filthy, deteriorating mess, very dirty, and fish getting nipped daily, no food, and the tank conditions rapidly declining, I kept checking to see if anyone was going to clean it, and take care of the fish, I saw the goldfish with popeye, and the bettas were losing color, and had hardly any fins, so I was determined at this time to do something, I saw a red VT, but with the fins all torn up, I wasn't sure if he was a VT..but I scooped him up, and started AQ salt treatment that day..and then I saw a little blue/purple looking one, small, with no tail fins hardly..but I was thinking about what will happen to her/him if I didnt go back and help her I did, and then I saw another one, all blue, again not even sure what tail type, or sex ..but I had to go and help that one too, and I was treating the other two in hospital tanks, with AQ salt..then I brought the blue one home, on that day..she was so discolored, and cold, I didnt think she was going to survive..but when I came home I saw that she was ok..but all 3 were in Hospital tanks, for about week to 10 days, and Crimson, the red VT his fins started growing back right away..but the little girl, now named Pompom, took about 3wks or longer for her fins to grow back, and then Pepsy, she was the one that I didnt think was going to survive, she is getting bigger, she is very healthy, as well as the rest of them, I will load pix later so you can see the conditions of the Y's tank, and the rescues that had to be saved from such horrible conditions.

I did it because I knew if I didn't no one else would of, and I am the type of person who will not stand by and let a life be lost due to neglect.
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