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Location: Maine
ordering netrite snails...what do I feed them?

I know they will the algea in my tank, I dont have any quite yet but am stocking up on plants...while im at it i want to order my snails in the same order because shipping is a fortune, im trying to get everything into one order so I wont have to worry about shipping I just feed them algea wafers while I wait for algea to grow? my new anubias looked great yesterday but today it was a bit slimey and brown looking :/
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I feed my pond snails algae wafers and they also like my Betta food, you can give them veggies too. I dont have mine in my betta tank though they have their own bowl with lid. Pond snails are small and found out Perseus will eat them when a couple I didnt get off my plants when I QT them. I am hoping no more show up in his tank. You should QT the plants for a week or more and watch out for pond snails they are tiny with football shaped shells and do lay start eggs fairly quickly.
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nerites... I think they may be strictly algae. I think I'll get one for my tank soon too. My last one (which I gave away) cleaned all my surfaces beautifully :D I had to encourage algae growth for that nerite.
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