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Plants for 55gal sand tank

I am going to start a 55gal sand tank. I bought a good t5 dual light. This will be a community sorority tank.

What are basic easy to find plants for sand. Do you plant them in sand? Or do you just tie or weight them down?

What's the common basic fertilizer most people use that's safe for fish?
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For a 55 gallon you have a lot of options, especially with a T5. You could have amazon swords, ludwigia, water wisteria, rotala, hygrophilas, dwarf sag, crypts, Anubias, java fern, any moss pretty much, and much more.

I would use Flourish root tabs, follow the directions for putting them in the substrate so you have nutrients at the roots and then Seachem Flourish Comprehensive Supplement. Make sure it isn't another product on the Flourish line.
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