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Sorry I haven't updated on this! I'm still new and didnt know anybody updated! So anyway, they don't need an air pump, if you have a good filter and a heater ( if where you live gets cold, but you don't need a heater) they wouldn't need a air pump, it really depends, if you wanna buy it when you don't know what to do with that extra money one day, you can!!! It's good for them, but they'll live....
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blue moon
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ok that sounds great can't wait to get my shark lol :3 and don't worry about it ^^
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I had mine for more than five years with: Oscar, silver dollars, various catfish, mollies, guppies, swordtails parrot fish and plecos. (obviously not all groups at the same time)

The aggresiveness depends on the individual, its best not to have him with another one of its kind (or any shark-kind), as they will establish territories and they will either chase the other around or kill each other.

Bottom line is: Think rainbow sharks as a betta and you wont go far. Their personalities and behaviours are too similar. Also keep the lid closed, i learned that the hard way. Oh and remember they need three things: Space, space, space.
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