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I think I could cry...

i am sooo stressed...seriously migraines and feeling like I wanna cry but cant...I have sick guppies dying left and right and im sooooo worried about moonie.. I just got the guppies, they must have come with something like itch or mouth fungus, seems like mouth fungus to stressed about that to start...but im really worried about moonie, he is in his own tank but I just bought moss balls from the same pet store that i got the guppies from (different tank) but just the same im super worried now and pretty attatched to my betta and his super awesome personality and would hate if anything happened to him...can i just get some words of encouragment please :( Ive spent a fortune on all these fish and the proper items to care for them and its all for nothing. I have to throw away all the stuff in the guppy tank if they all die and disinfect it and if something happens to moonie same with his stuff... i just feel like its money down the drain and a broken heart watching the fish die and get sick. Really upsetting.
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Sorry you are having so much trouble......Its not uncommon for guppies to come home already sick and/or near death. Often it is better to buy an female ready to give birth any second and once she has dropped the fry-remove her to rear the fry yourself or find someone that has raised their own. Its a hit or miss with guppies from a pet shop.....Some live or do well forever and other don't......

What I would do for your guppies-change the water daily 25-50% add some aquarium salt 1tsp/gal. Do you know if you have hard or soft water.....Guppies tend to do better in hard water and will tolerate long term salt use-especially if they came/born in salted tanks at the fish farm.

Once you have your own fry born in your tanks-start getting the salt out to rear them in unsalted water.

A bit cooler water-in the 74-76F range, lots of filtration for good gas exchange and dissolved oxygen and live plants are always good.
What sex ratio do you have.

Good that you have them in a tank all their own-keep them this way and try not to use anything used on them in your Betta tank.

If they die-make a good water change with vacuum and wait at least 5 days before you add more guppies....Sometimes you just have to keep trying until you get lucky and find some healthy enough to live long enough to drop fry so you can rear your own.

Keep your chin up and try not to over can only do so much when you get fish that are sick from the start...Don't give up...Think positive.....
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