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question about my betta fish

i just purchased 2 gold snails for my 30 gallon tank. I have a male betta fish and my betta fish will not leave one of the snails alone. My betta fish keeps picking on the snail. I wanted to know why? and what can i do to stop my betta fish?
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Hi! Your post got moved into your own topic, just so you know. ^-^
Some betta are just bullies. 30 gallons is a lot of room, so hopefully your snail can get away. If you add more decor the betta may not notice him as much.
Sometimes a betta will get bored of chasing a snail around as well, he may just be curious about the new thing in his tank.
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isolate the snail or take the Betta out a bit then when you put it in there it will have a hard time finding it.
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Old 08-20-2012, 11:01 AM   #4 
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I had the same problem. My mystery snail was in my 5 gallon tank for about 30 minutes before my betta noticed it and attacked it. I think he bit off one of its eye stalks. I moved the snail to a spare tank right away, but it died a little over a week later. I can't conclusively say that it's death was because of the betta attack, but it seems like a likely explanation.
Some bettas are just more feisty than others and don't tolerate any tank mates.
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Has anybody notice some betta only attack certain types of snails? I've notcied that with my one betta. Maybe you can try putting a different kind of snail in?
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My fighter-bred plakat Cole will attack anything over a few millimeters in size. Snails, shrimp, other fish - he doesn't care. If it's in his ten gallons of space, he will hound it until it's dead. He's just an super aggressive fish, so maybe yours is like that and the big snails might need their own tank. Or give your betta a 10 gallon on his own and use the 30 for a community + snails?
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