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Old 08-20-2012, 11:56 PM   #1 
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Fish won't eat?

I bought my 6th Betta 3 days ago. She has refused to eat every time I try. Although a part of me knows it's the fact she is in a new 10 Gallon home, I keep thinking she's starving. It does make me wonder why she comes to the surface and nips on the live plant.

She isn't eating her pellets, so I don't know if she likes them or not. Our male betta in a separate tank LOVES them! (I have had him for 6 months).

Should I leave her until she is ready to be fed?

Another thing, is this 10 gal too overstocked?

Currently I have:
1 Fem. Betta
3 African Dwarf Frogs

But i'd like to add in the future:
2 or 3 more Fem. Bettas

Or are female Bettas together a big No No?

Thanks guys
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Old 08-21-2012, 12:00 AM   #2 
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I read sometimes more then 2 Fem.Bettas together are better.
" Female Bettas form a pecking order when placed with each other. Always keep more than two female Betta fish together to avoid one fish behaving like the alpha over the other. "

So I guess ill get 2, but I'm still unsure. I really don't want to have 1 Betta, 3 dwarfs and a whole different kind of fish to feed and take care of again too! But I want to continually grow this tank. Help?
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Kenny G
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Betta's can be picky regarding food. Your betta might just be use to the food they were being fed at the local pet store where you brought them. Try different flakes or pellets. Betta's can go up to 3 weeks without eating. I'm sure yours will need time to adjust to the new surroundings. All betta's have differently personalities. Make sure you have a back up plan in case the other female betta's you plan on getting don't get along. Be careful you don't overcrowd your 10 gallon tank.
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Oh don't worry, three days is mentioned previously, they can go weeks without eating. If she appears fairly active with good colors and no other signs of illness, theres not much need to worry.....shes just adjusting. Keep offering her food and removing what she doesn't eat.
You can head out and pick up a couple of different pellet brands or some flakes and try those if you like as well, or you could soak a couple of pellets in garlic juice to get her attention a little bit if you like.

And about your question about keeping multiple females....
If you're considering keeping females together, you are considering whats called a Betta Sorority. While this is possible in a 10 gallon, you not just looking at tossing in a couple more females and that being that; you'll want a group of at least five females(which is about the max for a 10...along with the frogs it may be pushing it stock-wise though)in a heavily-planted and well planned out tank. Generally Sororities aren't recommended for beginners because they require a slightly more experienced eye(it can be hard for a beginner to tell when the inevitable bickering and nipping goes too far), and even in the most perfect considers with the most experienced keeper things can take a turn for the worst in the blink of an eye. Females can be JUST as aggressive as males, so theres quite a bit of risk involved keeping them together. Because of that, you'll also need a backup plan....separate tanks for each fish, and the time/money to care of them individually if things don't work out unless you can find a way to re-home them.
Take a look at this thread: and if you're still interested, I suggest scowering the internet for more information; you'll want to do all the research and prep you can if you really would like to keep multiple females together.

I'm afraid there aren't too many other options for your tank.....the ADFs kind of limit your stocking options now. Even if you start a sorority, you may have to get the ADFs their own tank or re-home them. You MIGHT be able to divide your tank in half, keep the ADFs and one female on one side and add another female on the other side...but I'm not sure how well that would work out.
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