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Old 08-20-2012, 03:47 PM   #1 
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I'm going to get a Betta

I have now a spare 26 litre tank my goldfish has moved to a bigger tank. So the 24 litre tank has NO GOLDFISH. Sorry to be so forceful just someone last time thought I was intending to keep Betta and Goldfish together lol

I have plenty of spare things I have used for the GF and no longer need for them. I have two 100 lph filters, numerous pond pump ect..

I read a Betta doesn't need oxygenated water like a GF does so would one filter pump alone be enough?

Also is it better to cycle a Betta tank? My GF tank is nearly cycled, so if I choose to cycle the Betta tank would it be safe to take a few things (rocks ect) from the GF and put in the Betta tank to speed things up?

When cycling a Betta tank do you need AmQuel Plus and a daily 20% water change until the cycle is complete as you do with GF? Or can it be less with a Betta?

I know I'll need a heater and I saw one cheap on amazon.

I have tons of natural pea size gravel. I also have water testing kits, I assume they will work with warm water too.

Also I like to keep my tanks natural as possible so what pants would be best. My GF's love weed, would a Betta like the same stuff?
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Weed or weeds? ^.^

also, when putting a filter in any tank it should be cycled!
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LOL weed? I hope thats supposed to be weeds.

Anyways, make sure the heater you get is adjustable & has a thermostat. I have these heaters theyre cheap and good quality:
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Old 08-21-2012, 04:51 PM   #4 
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LOL yes weeds

I just bought a heater.

I was going to use a plain sponge in the filter. A 100lph should be fine set to low? I read Bettas don't like much current.

In my goldfish tank I use plain sponge over the intake of a pond pump and let it cycle its self but I keep the fish safe with Amquel until the cycle is complete. I'm guessing cycling a Betta tank is different to a goldfish tank. I prefer not to use carbon (you can't cycle using carbon anyway).
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