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Betta Fish Breeding Process Become Funny!

HI ! everyone im leonilo from philippines,I have a Question regarding about ''Betta Breeding''.Last Monday I Bought 2 pairs Of betta fish A male and female ,Dont Know Whats The Breed Because I Just Buy Them From The Street Vendor and Also I Dont know how old are they,I Think They Are 2 Months Old.Now My problem Is when I trying to breed them the Male Betta Is Trying to make A fight from my female Betta (In separate Battle) .The both Betta Is interested to each other.The Male Betta Did not make A Bubble Nest Instead They Became friends ,So I decided them To put in One Small Aquarium . My Questions Is ,Why the male betta is not making bubble nest ?are they still too young to start them to breed?.
Thank You.
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4-5 months is when they have full finnage they are bred before that in Thailand try conditioning them with live food and plants to help build a bubble nest.
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Can I Feed Them A mosquito larva ?, Baby guppy fish?and a Backswimmer. what do you think?

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2 months is TOO young.You cannot put a male and a female together.You need some more research first.A male WILL fight and may kill the female if put together.
You need to condition the bettas for at least 2 weeks before breeding.Your male did not make a bubblenest because they are not conditioned properly,too young,not interested or not yet.If you don't know the type of fish you have i think you should not breed at all.
I suggest you read the stickies first.
Breeding bettas takes a lot of time and money.
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HI, Shanetold. welcome to the forum.

You need to read more on breeding.
Both breeders must be 4 (or over) months - 3cm or more (body measurement only - no fins). Since they are young, you can mass feed them live foods and fatten them up. When they reach breeding size or when they become sexually mature - you can breed them. In the meantime, read as much as you can about breeding.
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I remember a pair breeding at 12 weeks old once... That's just a little over 2 months..
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Thank You So Much ... For Good Advices.Imma start reading.
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