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Old 01-23-2008, 03:55 AM   #1 
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New betta owner

Hi just got a male & female betta. I have 4 guppies and read some topics listing compatible fishes, I was going to buy a 10 gal tank and put a divider but now I'm thinking maybe I can put the female in new tank with guppies and put the male in 5 gal tank. Anyone know if a Plecostomus is compatible? Can anyone recommend best plant life for tanks.
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Definitely put the female in the 10g with the guppies and the male in the 5g himself. A male will harass the female and possiby kill her in a 10g tank.

I would say no plecs in a 10g as I don't know of any that will stay small enough. BN plecs and clowns stay much smaller but still too big IMHO. For bottom dwellers maybe cories (smaller species) or 3 otos perhaps?

For plant recommendations members will need to know you lighting first. Some offhand that do well in low light which I assume you have as most tanks come with a lower lighting to begin with are java moss, java fern, anubais. Other members will better be able to help you with the plants, my plants do well due to luck, not so much knowledge I'm afraid.
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Definatly do not put the female or the male in with fancy guppy males. I had my female in with fancy guppies and she killed one of them by nipping his tail down to the bone.
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Nope no fancy ones all regular guppies. As for the lighting the 5 gal tank is currently located by east side window so it gets natural indirect light in the day and we turn tank 15w light on at dusk. Is 2 cories enough for 10 gal tank? We decided to name the male Heath still no name for female. Also noticed their coloring has changed esp. the female...she was mostly tan with slight blue tinting on fin and tail and today she's really blue with dark face. Heath coloring is a brighter red with blue :D. Will there coloring continue to change once they are moved to new enviroments?
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Old 01-24-2008, 05:49 AM   #5 
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i wouldnt recommend having guppies with either betta,as guppies had be nippy and since bettas have long flowing tails, they would tear them
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