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"Who's Cheng? Is she your lover?" Teeney asked with a smile.
"NO!" Ferdinand said, looking disgusted. "Cheng is my owner's other fish, her husband was great at getting out of sticky situations, but once he got dropsy, well,"
"Alright let's g-"
"Teeney? TEENEY! Teeney where are you this isn't fu-"

When her captors finally put her down, Teeney was in a mood to fight. However, fighting is very hard when you're chained to a wall, and there are ten guards at the door, and surrounding you. I hope Ferdinand is ok. She thought to herself. But she knew they had probably captured him.

Where am I? Ferdinand thought as he woke up, when those people had grabbed him he had put up so much of a fight that they knocked him out. Why am I chained to walls? Why are the- Oh wait, noowww I get it, I'm a priisoonner. The drug used to knock him out hadn't quite worn off, he fell back to sleep. "Hey, you, wake up!" Whispered a red crowntail. For some reason, all of the guards were gone. "I'm Lebron, and I'm here to get you out of here, so Wake. UP."
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