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Question Neons, Cories, Female Bettas :P

Hi, so my mom has a 55g and I want to make it special for her birthday, since when I was getting a new tank for my betta she was admiring the beauty of the blue males, and really wanted one but 1. Her tank hasn't been cleaned out in a year, but 2 strong filters have been running for a year, anyways I cleaned it out, washed them, hosed everything down, filed the tank with water, and treated the water to make it safe.

I was thinking of getting:
4 - 6 Female bettas.
3 cories
6 tetras
1 dwarf frog.

But when I posted a new thread, some members recommended to get 10 female bettas, 10 cories, 10 tetras, and I am not sure if I will still be getting the dwarf frog, anyways. I wanted to know what they all prefer to eat.

At the moment, I have "Nutrafin Betta food" and Hikari Tropical flakes, also wardley tropical fish flakes, and Tetra tropical mini flakes. Will this be fine, or do the cories and maybe the dwarf frog want something else to eat, and how do you guys recommend me feeding them, I don't want my bettas eating everything and fighting for food.

Anyways, what do you guys recommend and will all the female bettas be bothered inside the 3 big inside tank mirrors. And will the cories be annoyed, and are there a certain type of cories to get?
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Personally, for the bettas and tetras, I'd feed Tetra brand TetraColor Tropical Crisps, for the cories I'd probably go with some Hikari brand Tropical Algae Wafers. Finally, if you do get the dwarf frog, go with Tetrafauna brand Reptomin.

A list of species specific compatibilities with bettas are located here.

The food is pretty distinct, so what I'd personally do (and someone please correct me on this, if this is indeed inappropriate) is make a baggie with 2/3 Tropical Crisps, and 1/3 Reptomin, and keep the wafers close by, and do 1-3 daily. Shake the baggie up to mix well, and use a few pinches daily.

Heck, you could probably even get away with crumbling the wafers up and doing 1/2 Tropical Crisps, 1/4 Reptomin, and 1/4 wafers. Just a thought.
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Okay, hopefully we can find the right food, if we cannot I will ask the Pet Store what they feed there cories, and i'll buy that, but I will have to read the package first, I will probably get 2 dwarf frogs because they like to be in pairs :) And we have to long drift woods they can climb and stand on to breath for air.
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