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Alright thank you everybody
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Originally Posted by Joelouisvachon View Post
I wouldn't suggest breeding that pair, since IBC doesn't accept VTs or random VT crosses, so the betta fish in all honesty would be petstore quality, and there are enough of those fish in the world already.
In saying so, I have no issues against VTs, (I own two) it's just that you shouldn't breed just for the sake of it, only if you have a good quality pair (not from a petstore!) and you are sincerly looking to improve the species:
otherwise it's basically just the idea of backyard breeding for quick cash, which makes no sense because betta fish breeding is a pricy hobby if you want to have a successful spawn.

I do not mean to offend anyone, but there are enough people going around breeding with no goal to improve the species whatsoever already.
I dont want to be offensive, but i have to say my opinion:
This mindset while correct it has one flaw: Nobody trully cares to improve the species. The only thing people think are to make bettas with beutifull or rare colourings just to sale. Genetically there is no improvement. Using big words such as improving and genetics is a big lie. They are exactly the same fish with different colours and fancy tales. I agree that breeding shouldnt be done for the shake of breeding for the only reason that the fry must have a chance of survival and lets face it, one person has huge difficulties on maintaining 100+ bettas. There is no improvement of the specicies coming from colours and tails whatsoever.
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No offense taken! you have a great point, so let me rephrase:

lots of breeders work hard over generations to get to the best show standard they can, since there is no such thing as a 'perfect' betta as of today, since the standards are always changing so you have something to work up to. that is what I mean by improving and breeding for a goal. i hope this makes more sense, and thank you for correcting me. I meant breeding to improve the line, not species.
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