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Help with new betta

I recently bought a betta. I keep him in a 5 gallon acrylic tank with plastic plants & log, gravel, small heater and whisper filter. He's been in there about 5 days. Today I bought 5 spotted corys & added them to the tank. That's all I'm going to put in there for fear of overstocking (which I've probably already done.)

Anyway, the betta had been doing fine before I added the corys. He would hide sometimes, but would also spend time swimming around. Now that the corys are there, they bother him, not really attacking him, but just curious and swimming around the betta. The betta just wants to get away it seems, but the corys are really fast and active, and don't give him much rest. I'm not sure if the betta is swimming and playing with them or just trying to avoid them.

Help! Is it appropriate for the betta to act this way when new fish are introduced?
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I had the opposite problem when I tried to put a betta in with some white clouds and cories; the betta chased all the other fish constantly. I finally put him on his own. My cories have never shown any interest in chasing the white clouds and glolite tetras they are in with now. It doesn't seem a cory could actually cause any harm to another fish in the tank. As far as overstocking, get your water checked a few times and if it's staying within safe parameters, I wouldn't worry too much but that is a lot of fish for just a five gallon.
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