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Photoshoot: Steve Rogers, Birthday Fish #2

So, for those who didn't catch my other couple of threads I ended up picking up three new boys for my birthday a couple of days ago. Of course, as per my usual tradition, each one has to have his own little photoshoot accompanied with a little story......because I'm a writer and I like to ramble. xD;
Anywho, here is the second boy I picked up, who I have deemed Steve Rogers/Captain America. Because I'm a dork.

Now, because I am a complete geek and have been on a bit of an Avengers kick recently, I knew I definitely wanted to keep an eye out for the fishy-embodiments of my three favorite Avengers(Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Bruce Banner), especially when I spotted the little figures of Ironman, Captain America, and Hulk at Petsmart a little over a week ago. Obviously Steve had to be red white and blue, though I wanted him to be a tad unusual about it....I see the standard red white and blue bettas all the time, and generally its never been one of my favorite color patterns, so I was hoping to find something even just a tad different.
Well....I found it. xD

At first glance he just looked like your standard Cambodian, but as you can see hes got some lovely iridescence going on(though the camera really makes him look more green....its really much more of a blue in person)that shimmers as he swims and turns.
One of the big things for me though, which is always how I make the final decision on my bettas, are his face and eyes. He just has these lovely bright blue eyes, and a face that just screamed STEVE ROGERS to me. I knew I had to have him, he was just perfect~

And my goodness, what a personality this guy has! Hes such a zippy little thing, so difficult to get good pictures of. xD Incredibly curious, VERY active(I swear, hes in EVERY part of his tank at once...), and very personable of course. He also made a lovely little bubblenest today. xD
He is a little....TOO energetic though. I noticed of course even before I brought him home that he had some fin damage(as you can see), but nothing looked too new and it appeared to be growing back a little even; nothing that couldn't be cured with a little time, TLC, and clean water. I expected that he had bit himself in that tiny cup(which bettas with active personalities like his, in my experience, tend to do), and I hoped that in his new larger home with plants and a cave he wouldn't be tempted.....but I noticed some nips while taking pictures earlier. 8/ Sigh. Oh well, I hope he doesn't get too bad and settles down after a while so his lovely fins ca heal properly...

ANYWHO, enough of my rambling.....and ON TO THE PICTURES! Haha, enjoy!

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rosy delta
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What a lovely fellow! Nice pictures too, You must have a very good camera
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Thank you!! :)
Lol, yup! A Nikon D60, lots of patience, and lots of practice with manual focus xD
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