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I agree w/ is safer to cycle it w/o using ammolock or other "speed your cycling...cut it in half" products. I also agree w/teeny: Prime is an awesome water conditioner....but neither teeny (correct me if i'm wrong) nor I are recommending using Prime to cycle tank or speed up the process. Prime is great to use if you HAVE TO do a cycle w/Fish in Tank...sometimes you just have no choice so if that's the case, Prime will help keep fish alive along w/daily water changes.
Plants do help speed up cycle time, having tons of plants(fast growers especially) and a dirt tank/walstad method, which uses soil underneath a cap of finer gravel or sand (has to be small enough to keep dirt from loating up into water column thus making you start over...I use organic potting soil w/o perlite, fertilizers, or fresher manure and cap it with 1-2 black sand...) This will definitely help speed up cycle time and you have less water changes :)
I am forgetting exact name of it...but one of the tests we should perform on a regular basis is something like "buffer capacity"...this is the aquarium water's ability to normalize itself...if you mess w/this by adding a lot of chemicals, you could do more damage than good...your Ph would be constantly moving up and down...AND your water would not be able to adjust to major changes (an ammonia spike could crash your tank) because it has lost its buffering least that's how I understand this function...
In short (haha, heehee) I would not rely on a chemical to cycle tank.

On a side note: I have never used ammolock, so I cannot verify its efficacy.
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Originally Posted by teeneythebetta View Post
I reccomended sea Chem prime because it neutralizes ammonia so the ammonia is still there, but is not being harmful to the fish.
But yes, typically cycling products are just bull shark. (:

Especially if you have ammonia in your tap water like I do... It's great as an every day water conditioner because it's so concentrated you only need 2 drops per gallon.
Dont worry, my response was not directed at anyone, sorry if it made you feel uncomfortable :)

I tried once to speed up the cycle with chemicals and it cost me my fish. Science is good but so far it is unable to correctly substitute nature (even in a closed system such as our waterboxes), so all i say is its better to have patience and cycle it 'naturally' than force things no?

Last time I kept my 37g cycling for 2 months just to be sure, with no fish. inside.
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