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fruit will make some rather sugary water.
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Pesticides are sprayed on the fruit otherwise insects will land, burrow into it and lay eggs inside. I've seen plenty of fruit trees on people's properties with no pesticides and virtually the entire crop will sustain damage from insects.

Also from what my guys tell me the type of pesticides most of these commercial farming companies use don't rinse off with water. Otherwise every time it rains they would have to send out a worker to reapply the stuff.

The wax I mentioned is used by some agriculture companies to dress up their produce before it gets shipped for the grocery stores but that shiny wax coating also seals in the pesticides.

Pilot, every country has different guidelines for handing produce & what can be used to treat it. Talk to your produce guy and see what he tells you. Most vendors SHOULD know about their product.

I prefer to buy fruit/veggies by the case when the opportunity presents itself.

I do what I can to support the companies that use more natural forms of farming versus the ones that reply more on genetic engineered hybrids with built in insecticides or the ones that just shower their products in chemical pesticides.
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The difference i believe that we dont use companies as intermediates here (most of the time). The majority of fruit and vegetables are not sold in sealed containers/baggaged. They are been sold on stalls in the open. Only supermarkets and the like sell sealed containers with fruit but i dont have experience with those. After all its better to have a feel no?

I am also 100% sure farmers here dont use that kind of pesticides since here (and EU in general) doesnt have such extreme problems to guaranty their use (i am talking about grasshoppers and the like), most pests can be overcome with simply spraying the plant. Rarely do we loose crops to insects or decease that way. I have been in farms for about 7 years and i havent heard of that wax method. That mostly (from what i garner from your post) must be used by the company shipping and handling and not the farmer himself (unless ofc there are extremes that must be combated). I have handled imported goods from Europe,Turkey and Egypt and havent seen that either.

Anyway if this 'film' is present on veggies i wouldnt consume something like that even if i had completely removed it. It cant be healthy and runs the risk of embedding itself inside the fruit.
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We have open market vendors as well, but most people tend to buy in the grocery stores because they think it's cleaner but most don't bother asking questions or educating themselves when it comes to farming practices of the larger companies.

The European market is completely different. I think their standards are higher, but that's just a guess.

I just like to buy fruit/veggies in 10lbs or larger cases because once I'm out of chilled produce I tend to eat the junky processed snacks like everyone else when I'm slightly hungry.

Before I buy a case of something, I check the produce out first.
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American market is full of inorganic food.
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