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Female Sororities

How do Female Betta Sororities work? So far I just got that its about 4 to 6 Female Bettas. Could Someone else fill me in on what Google isn't.

Edit: Sorry after looking around more it is clearly the first post in another area.

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yeah, lots of sorority info on this forum. I just started one and it was surprisingly easy and almost stress free for the girls.

I want to know where your user name comes from!
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Heres a lot of info on it!
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Here are the basic minimum standards:

- 10 gallon aquarium
- 5+ fish (and figure 2 gallons per fish, so a 12 gal could have 6 fish). I really don't recommend less than 5 to begin with because you may have to remove one or two if they can't live with the others. Sometimes a fish is just too aggressive or submissive to live in a sorority and you don't know this until you try it out.
- Heavily planted (real or fake plants, just make sure you have at least 2 per fish), with lots of structures that have hiding spots. Any fish decorations/caves should have at least 2 exits.
- Excellent filtration (more fish = way more ammonia production)
- If you are getting your fish from different sources, all of them need to be quarantined for at least 2 weeks (preferably 3) to ensure they don't give each other parasites/diseases.
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Could Someone else fill me in on what Google isn't.
Some people will tell you they all need to be the same size, age, or sibblings but in my experience size, age and being sisters or not has nothing to do with how well they will or will not get along. I have had giants in with very young females - even a male (which I, personally have had good luck with but I really do NOT recommend it). It all comes down to each individual bettas personality and I think howdecorated/planted the tank is. There are some females that just can not live with other females and you need to be prepared for that to happen - you may have to remove the aggressive female and you may also end up with a badly injured or dead female. They may be fine one day and the next all hell breaks loose and you have several injured (which is why I keep a very close watch on my male.)
Speaking of males, another thing you need to look out for is petco had a tendency to mislabel young VT males or male PK as young VT females - thats how I ended up with a male in my soriety. I picked up 4 very young VT females from petco one day and put them into the 20G- they all spouted like weeds but the one, he kept growing and growing...right into a VT male.

I just switched over from plastic to live plants so my tank is a bit sparse at the moment but here is what it looks like - so you get an idea:

its still a little to bare for my taste but I'm sure once the plants grow in a bit - it will look lovely :) i still have some fake plants to provide cover at the surface
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