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NLS food

I'd like to invest in a better food for Michael and I've decided that I'm going to go with NLS. Now, my question is should I spend the 10$ (Amazon) for the betta formula or can I use the surface feeder?

I'm trying to save up for a good battery operated gravel vacuum or a siphon that won't devolve into me sucking the tube to start it (been there, done that, drank the fish water), so I'm hoping that the surface feeder is okay since it's half the price. :/
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I believe this is the one Sherolyn from Basement Bettas uses.
You can ask her through her Facebook page
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In the long run, it is better to buy the fish food that works best for your fish. Most containers of fish food is enough food for a year or more, so it's not like it's a weekly expense. It may seem like a big difference in the immediate present, but you're really stressing youself out of an extra 40 cents a month. If you see an extra 40 cents a month in your budget during the next 12 months, then I say spring for the betta formula.

I know this thread is mainly about which food to eat, but I think I can save you some money in gravel vacs. XD

You may be better off with a manual gravel vac that is one size smaller than what you are using now then you would be with a battery operated vaccuum the same size as the gravel vac you are using now. I have two 5 gallon long tanks so my tanks have a 10 foot tank foot print for 5 gallons. So I brought the 5-10 gallon gravel vac because it included my tank size in its range and could never get the stupid thing to start without sucking on tubes. Once I down graded the size of my gravel vac to the 1-3 gallon sized one, I was able to start up my vac without a hitch. On top of that, since the water leaves my tank a touch slower, I can take my time picking up debris without losing all the water in my tank.

Needless to say, this advice won't work if your tank is 3 gallons because there is nothing smaller than a 1-3 gallon gravel vaccuum. I'm taking a flying leap in the dark that my advice isn't completely useless since you are saving up for a battery powered vac which are usually for tanks 5 gallons and up. :)
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I would go with the NLS Betta formula , thats what I use you get alot that will last and last and the pellets are tiny. The only thing you need to be careful of is that they will sink fairly fast so what I do is drop one at time right in front of Perseus, now and then he will miss one and it will start to to sink but he will go after it and get it.
I feed him 3 in the morning and 3 at night. He loves them and sometimes when he sees its feeding time he will start fun to watch !
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