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Old 08-27-2012, 02:28 PM   #1 
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Ammonia test

My tank just finished cycling a few days ago and I was doing my daily tests and put them over to the side while I waited 5 mins. looked over and the ammonia test for deep green which means 6.0 ppm of ammonia...Yikes I freaked my heart was beating so fast and I hurried and filled my jugs and tried to calm down cause Perseus was acting fine and I use Prime water conditioner and just did 45 percent water change yesterday but I thought I was having one of those dreaded spikes.

I had done the test using only half a tube of tank water and half the drops but maybe I made a mistake in counting or something cause when I calmed now enough I retested using all the drops you are suppose to use and filled the test tube up to the line with tank water and the test came out fine no ammonia..what a relief !!! I even tested one more time just to make
A few people had said it was okay to do the test this way to save from having to use so much when you do alot of testing but maybe I did it wrong or counted wrong I dont know but dang that was scary !

Has this ever happened to anybody else ? I need to order another kit soon cause I m running low on the ammonia test fluid, does anyone know if you can buy just that one or do you have to buy the entire kit ? Thanks !
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This is why it's helpful to have extra test tubes around

I did 10 water tests in the past 24 hours. I used 50% of the solution recommended.

You don't HAVE to freak out when it's high. It could just be residue from the previous test. Just run another test. But I don't recall having a test being 100% off unless it was an error I made.

Don't you have the API test? I still have at least 60-70% of the test solution left.

I have 2-3 different ammonia test kits. Some kits come with 2 ammonia test solution that you need to use at the same time for results, some have 1.
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you can definately buy just the ammonia test kit i have seen it online, so there must be a store that carries just it also. that must have been scarey glad it was a false alarm
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Old 08-27-2012, 06:49 PM   #4 
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Wow I'm glad it's okay, that's scary!
Petco sells individual API liquid ammonia testing set for $10.
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Keep in mind you can get used test kits cheaper if you keep your eyes open.

Someone local to me was selling a either a 6 gallon complete acrylic tank, a conditioner, some other chemicals some decorations & a complete API master test kit that was only used for 6 tests for ONLY $15.

The OLD water test kits still work as long as they were stored in the basement and not in the sunlight. I have one that's AT LEAST 10 years old & it still works fine. That 10+year kit is what I'm using for my tests right now.

I use half tests because it requires 8 drops instead of 16. I do half tests more to save time.
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