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Photoshoot: Birthday Fish #3, VERY Pic Heavy!

So over the past week I've been messing with my camera settings, using both flash and non flash, taking him out and setting him up in his cup in natural sunlight, and even snagging my brothers point and shoot to take pictures of this guy......its so hard to capture his actual colors! Hes got such a strange iridescence going on......
Anywho....thats why theres so many pictures xD Sorry for the picspam!

So, originally I had this guy named Tony Stark to go with my fishy avengers theme, with Bruce Banner and Steve Rogers and all that, but I've been rethinking his and Steve's names after starring at them for a currently this guys name is Undecided. xD

Buuuuuuut heres his story.
Walking in to my local Petsmart last week, I had three tank spaces left. I hadn't necessarily intended on filling them all at once, but it was my birthday and dad was buying.....I couldn't resist. xD
Scanning the shelves, I decided on two others first(a tiny purple HMPK that I had left behind the week before, and a spunky iridescent Cambodian Delta who flashed me his big blue eyes)and went back to get a few live plants and a couple things for the lizard. I had spotted this guy of course while thoroughly sifting though the cups to see who jumped out at me....but after already having decided on two, I wasn't sure if I wanted to pick up a third, and considered possibly just waiting and seeing if he was there the next week when I went in for Lizard food. He had definitely caught my eye though....he actually reminded me of a boy I'd had a couple of years ago; a big ol' red dragon who someone had given to my LPS.
This guy looked much the same....a bit unusually big and kind of 'rough' looking over all, not really something your standard non-serious-keeper sort of person would look twice at. It also appeared that perhaps his dragon scaling had affected his eyes....I thought he might at least be partially blind(thankfully his vision appears to be just fine for the moment).
He definitely pulled at my heartstrings a little.....and though I had faith that he would probably still be there the next week, right before we went to the register I had a 'what the heck?' moment and snatched his cup up anyway. xD
And THAT is how I ended up bringing three fish home in one day, lol.

Personality-wise, he really is such a joy....VERY calmly attentive. Even as I was setting up his new home, while my other boy was swimming all over the place in his little cup, this guy was very intently and calmly watching my every move...just sitting there, observing. Hes very sweet and very friendly without being too overly curious, and is always very much interested in me and whatever I happen to be up to. xD I love this guy to death.

Anywho.....on to the pic spam and enough of my rambling!!

As you can see....the flash makes him look green, and the pink-ish tinted florescent light I have over his tank makes it look a little weird without the flash. The pictures with the sunlight probably get the closest to his natural color.
Anywho.....I hope you enjoy my little picspam as much as I enjoyed creating it at least. xD As frustrating as it was trying to get good pictures of him, it certainly was fun messing with my camera so much! I'm such a photography nut....
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He is sooooo beautiful!!! Good luck with them, I love taking pics of my bettas but I havent uploaded any yet :)
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homegrown terror
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he's beautiful. this isn't care-related but simply aesthetic: between the orange sand and pink backdrop, his environment kinda washes out his finnage. he might look prettier (and more his true color) with more cool tones to his landscaping.
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Wow!!! So pretty!
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Thank you!! ^-^
Lol, I can definitely see what you looks pink in the pictures but it was red construction paper...that has since been removed. And in person he pops quite nicely in his tank I think at least, in my opinion the orange sand compliments him nicely...I mean, in person, I can see his true colors just fine and looks very different in pictures I think because hes in an older, slightly battered Kritter Keeper with not that fantastic lighting. xD Truely good pictures are hard to get in the KKs, but these ones were clear enough so I though so I thought I'd share them anyway.

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