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Old 08-29-2012, 12:20 AM   #1 
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Exclamation My two betta's well....1....

Hello, today I am about to tell you guys something I feel horrible about it...

So, I looked at my betta's 1/2 gallon tank, and it was dirty so I knew I had to clean it, at 10:00PM or so, I brought him in the kitchen I let him look at the glass cup, at first he was REALLY scared of it until he went on top of it, then I was able to scoop him up. I rinsed out his tank and then his gravel 3 times, hit gravel would make the water horrible so I decided to change it with new gravel, I rinsed it out in in hot water. A few weeks ago I broke a plastic cup, so I went to my couch and grabbed the broken plastic cup, I rinsed it out in hot water... And then I added Aqua-Plus the conditioner was watery? And I only had it for a month or week. I put him in and he was fine, then I put the plastic it cup in then he started trying to swim as fast as he could, so then I put him back in the cup and then he was okay in the cup then I took out the gravel rinsed out and the cup for a few more seconds I put the cup in and put the gravel over it, the gravel held it down, I put the water in then I poured him in then he was going crazy, swimming and hitting things then he started going upside down I grabbed the cup threw it out, scooped him up. But it was too late, he was facing up, not 100% upside down, he moved a bit, then stopped. I tried to see if he was still alive, but he didn't I netted him and put him in the toilet and you know the rest...

I was wondering what could of effected him? Was it the cup, the conditioner, or just stress?

I am so upset, he was my second ever betta and I only had him for a few months, I loved him, he would watch me when I was on my computer and he just started to trust me, I remember when I got him from the pet store he was so small. Now I only have Moon my HM, I just lost my CT Do you guys know what could of effected him?

Losing him was horrible, I loved him so much but I could tell he was getting fin rot, a bit, I was getting him a 5 - 10 gallon tomorrow... I shouldn't of touched the water i'm so stupid....

I believe he may of been 3 - 8 months old... Don't believe I lost him...I'm such an idiot, why did I change the water argh...

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Old 08-29-2012, 12:30 AM   #2 
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Don't feel bad for changing the water! Once you can SEE that the tank is dirty and needs changing, it's probably way overdue for a water change anyway...

It sounds to me like there was something very toxic going on with that broken cup you found under the couch. Reading your comments, it seems that every time he was in water with it, he went into some kind of severe environmental distress. Even though you rinsed it, it may have absorbed something toxic from lying around the house - ant poison, fly spray, who knows? - plastic is porous and tends to absorb stuff easily.

Small tanks are really hard to maintain - if you do get another betta, I'd suggest investing in that larger tank (or give it to the betta you have now). And small tanks are way less forgiving of introduced toxins, as well as ammonia build-up (which'd probably be the cause of the fin rot).

I'm sorry about your fish.
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Yeah, we were suppose to get him a 5.5 - 10 gallon or bigger tank tomorrow. I think it could of been from stress, he was fine but then he was new, and I did 3 water changes or more because I couldn't get the cup right. I shouldn't of put it in ...
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betta died, sad, what caused his death?

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