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Yikes, some of the photos of Lymphcycistis looked very similar, but some not at all. This seems like the first suggestion that seems most plausible for the lump. Could that have anything to do with the other problems? He's already isolated...what treatment should I use for that?
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Hi, ANHEL asked me to take a look at this. Welcome to the forum. What a handsome boy you have! I have to agree with Silverfang, the lump on his fin does look like lympho. As she said, lympho is nonfatal. It's a virus so there is no way to treat it, unfortunately. All we can do is keep the water super clean and wait for nature to take its course. Usually, it takes about 3 months or more. The only causes for concern are if a cyst bursts open. Then there's a chance for secondary infection to sneak in.

A few things you can do for lympho: keep the water clean and warm, around 80 F. Feed good high protein foods to help keep the immune system strong.

The spots on his head and chin actually look like normal coloring. On pale bettas, it's not uncommon for red dots and spots to appear. In fact, it could even be the beginning of him marbling up. Hard to say, but unless the spots are raised I would not worry too much.

Lympho IS contagious so be careful not to cross-contaminate any equipment with other fish.
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Also i am not sure if have another betta or will have but you don't need to use aquarium salt long term-its doesn't prevent disease or parasites and long term use can cause resistant pathogen/parasites issues and kidney damage. And long term non-therapeutic dosage can limit it ability to work for treatment when needed... fresh ,clean,like temp dechlorinated water is the best prevention method for most problems
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