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Originally Posted by Alcemistnv View Post
Ooooo I do like that!

I want to do something below 5 gallons because I already have a 5 gallon, and doing water changes in college is going to be difficult xD

I really do like that is has a lid and a filter already included, so that explains the price....

I think I definitely have to check this off as an option.

I'm hoping that when I get rid of Buddha's tank, I'll keep it to the side for another fish in the future xD

I haven't had any problems with the 3 fish in the dorm, the RA's all know about it, so who knows what will happen months from now xD
I have the 3 gallon and i LOVE it. I did replace the filter in it with something smaller, as I originally have a HM in there and i figured it would be a bit too windy. I replaced the filter with this:

Here are acouple pictures of how i had it set up.. the first photo is when I had my HM in it, who I have since given to a friend and now my CT lives in it, which is the other two photos.

I love that tank, it's beautiful.

I would pick gravel until you're able to get a siphon for sand. I prefer natural gravel with some random marbles thrown in for the little extra color even if the gravel is colored, it just makes it look better.. I used to be marbles only but then I got an awesome gravel vacuum and i just love the way gravel looks now that i'm able to clean it properly.
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Originally Posted by notsabrina View Post
I agree with babystarz! I also have the Marineland Crescent tank in the 5 gallon and I absolutely love it. The style is very open and modern, and the shape is super compact. The whole tank looks so sleek in my room! I purchased mine in-store at Petsmart. It helps to sign up for the free rewards card, I find myself making pretty frequent trips for extra equipment.

Some cons that I've personally encountered:
  • Because of the heater, the condensation builds up and fogs the lid. My betta isn't much of a jumper, so whenever I'm in the room with him I'll just take off the lid completely. I prefer this lid over black bulky lids on a standard aquarium.
  • The Whisper filter that comes with the tank is a little too big for my liking, BUT I can't complain since it was provided with tank (one less thing I had to buy). IMO the filter is super quiet as opposed to what other reviews on the website have said. If you purchase it and hear a loud "buzz" just slightly move the wiring away from the filter.
  • There's a bit of a current from the filter that will push your betta slightly downwards when s/he swims beneath it. If you fill your tank water right up to the lip it diffuses the current. Or you can just put a lot of plants below the suction so not as much water comes out of the top.
Aside from that, I love the Marineland Crescent. Good luck finding your tank! (Edit: Oops, didn't see that you already bought it! Cool!)

Here's mine after I did a 100% water change and redecorated before my trip to Disneyland!
Do bettas jump? I got a betta that likes to go to the surface and "flick" water. I keep my lid on to make sure he doesnt decide to jump out and steal my car
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Bettas jump, they are excellent jumpers and many people have lost their Bettas because they jumped out of their tank and dried out.
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Bettas jump, alot. Mine someone got out with the lid duct taped on. And I it was cut to fit the heater so there was no open space.
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Originally Posted by Pearl2011 View Post
Bettas jump, alot. Mine someone got out with the lid duct taped on. And I it was cut to fit the heater so there was no open space.
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wow I missed a lot~

Thanks everyone for the info and the pictures :)

I can see if I can find some rocks around campus, maybe take some from near the pond, and they definitely need to be sanitized. There's a joke that you can catch diseases just from touching the water, let alone swimming in it.

I'm not sure if there is a rule about the limit of tanks, whether they have to add up to 10, or if the biggest can be a 10, but I currently don't have room on my desk for a printer, let alone my laptop if I wanted to -.-

The two tanks plus some small supplies have taken over xD
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