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Question Pectoral fin problem?

I've been having little issues with Finnick's pectoral fins, particularly his right one. At some point a few months ago he lost about a quarter of it. I think Ich might have been involved, but I don't really see any now. With medicine, clean water, and encouragement, it seemed to grow back relatively well.

Now both fins are looking a little shaky. He was depending on the left one a little while ago, but now seems fine to use both. What worries me is that the webbing in between the little filament-bone things on his fins seems to be... receding? I know the filaments will appear longer on his right side because that's the side still healing, but I can see a few millimeters of filament on his left side, too. It almost reminds me of feathers. I don't think it's fin rot because the coloring seems okay, and as I mentioned above, I've already fought for ich (although that's a whole other issue...) I know he'll be fine should something happen to his right fin, but if he loses both...
  • 1 gal tank
  • Filtered, covered with a sponge to reduce flow and chance of injury
  • Water with 1tsp aq salt and StressCoat+, a few drops of an Ich fighter (I don't remember the name). The salt was just added Monday night for the first time.
  • No other living mates or live plants, plastic plants have been removed of pokey parts
  • Water changed 25-50% once or twice a week, probably closer to twice. Last done a day or two ago. Full water change was done about two to three weeks ago. Causes a lot of stress on Finnick to move him to do so; I think it agitates that fin.
  • Eats 2 pellets twice a day, still acts like a pig
  • Temp usually around 80F, sometimes a little higher or lower
  • No change in mood, still peppy, unless he decides he only wants to use one fin, then, ironically, he spazzes a bit

I can't really take a picture because it's his pectoral fin and it never stops. If and when it does it's against his body, so you can't see it anyway. I can't even see it that well personally, just enough to know something isn't quite right.
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It looks to me like you've taken all the right steps. I would just say keep up with those clean water changes twice a week of at least 50%-75% until he shows improvement, since ammonia is generally the cause of fin wasting and you can't make a dent in it without removing at least half the water.
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