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Feeding a sorority

I just started my sorority last night. Five young females in a ten gallon tank with live plants. This morning, I went to feed them and put pellets on the top, and no one went for them. My CT male eats all his pellets as soon as they go in his tank. So I wasn't used to the ignoring, but figured this is normal. Then I noticed one goes, eat the pellets, spits them out, and then either grabs one of the spit out pieces or gets a new one. Some of the other girls ate some of the floating down spit out ones. But I am worried some didn't eat. Is this normal? Is this a certain way I should feed them?
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Instead of pellets, try flakes. I used Omega One flakes for my sororities and the method I found easiest with feeding was to just add a pinch at a time and wait for about ten minutes, then do another round. The food that went to the bottom was usually hoovered up by the lowest girls in the pecking order, so I made sure to feed them in an out of the way area of the tank. You can also feed them frozen bloodworms and brineshrimp, and they will often hunt them out - it's fun to watch. Just make sure they've all eaten and watch to see who's dominant and who isn't - I used to always feed the dominant ones first and then the rest of them. It can be complicated to feed sororities and there are many methods ... I haven't had one for a few years but I've had many :)
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Two of my 9 girls will not eat pellets. They like the sinking catfish wafers. They seem fine but I wonder. They are still young so maybe they will grow out of it.

Also, I think when they are young their mouths aren't big enough to eat pellets? I have one little girl that will grab a pellets and just swim around with it in her mouth since she can't chomp it

Since it has only been a day or 2 they might just need to get used to a routine. They may be hungry but they are pretty dumb at first
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I have to do a combo of flakes and pellets, that way they all get some amount of food. Also, when my setup was new it took a long time for they started to eat. Some didn't eat for almost 2 weeks.
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