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Setting up a planted tank?

I have a replacement tank for my marineland eclipse 3 coming early next week and I was thinking about making that tank a planted setup.

It would need to be low-tech with low maintenance plants, but I have no idea where to start.

Does anyone know of a guide showing how to start a tank? I would love to have a front carpet with some larger plants in the back and maybe some driftwood. I have a great lfs that offers a crazy amount of plants and can also order them for me if need be.

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Well to start off with there's plenty of threads on that topic in this forum. Plus we have a search feature here which makes it easy to navigate.
Other than that there are a few other sites like
those are both great resources for anything and everything about setting up planted tanks.

But yeah it also depends on what kind of planted tank you want, which is to say, what function do your plants perform?
Are they decoration? Filter? Both?

Also carpets are kind of tricky in my experience especially in low light tanks.

You might try moss tied to a piece of plastic mesh that you use to make tank dividers.

Dwarf Sag. is pretty good but you'll need plenty of it and the substrate will need to allow for easy root movement as they spread via runners. (which also makes it difficult to control where it pops up unless you keep a very close eye on it)

Good luck and when you have your course set post the details for opinions and stuff! =]
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