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Old 09-02-2012, 01:02 PM   #1 
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Question A whole lot of questions....

Hey Peoples!

I haven't posted nor have i been on the site for a while but im back with a whole lot of question

Okay, to start off i have a question about tank cycling.

1. I have had my ten gallon planted tank down for like about 3 months and it has been stored in the box (cleaned and with out any type of decor nor plants). I just reset it to put my 2 betta boys back in it but im afraid that the established bacteria could have died and may need to go through the nitrate cycle yet again. I have set it back up with plants and the old rock and decor which were stored in some of the old tank water (it has been well wash with some hot water and cold water) and it has been running with my crypts and amazons and new filter cartridges for about 2 days. so my question is: Is it safe to put my boys in or should i hold off a week or two?

following the cycling would be the constant algae i have in the tank.

2. when my tank was set up i started with some crypts, amazons, and some mystery plants that petco sold to me, of course i found out they were not fully aquatic and have now died. But before they started to die off i had been fighting a ton of algae for about a couple of day. I had mystery snails and they died and did not clean much, so i bough some tiger/zebra snails and they ate most of the algae and pooped a lot but died due to some potassium rich plant fertilizer and water conditioning i used by accident (so snails are out of the picture) have then changed to a API CO2 booster (1ml 2x a week). I don't know what else to do to prevent the algae growth in my tank. like i said i tried snail but i really don't want to find another snail made slush after it has passed, i changed the light from incandescent to florescent which was told it would help plant growth (they were correct) and cut the time form 10 hrs daily to 6-7 hrs daily. So far I'm considering to buy more plants to create more competition for nutrients for the algae but i don't have much money nor do i know what plants can be good, and finally add some otto but idk if its enough space for them in a split 10g tank. Let me know what you think and some tips that you guys have used? (BTW i try to do 20-30% water changes once a week)

and my Final question is that of fish compatibility

3. Ok so i have a standard 10G tank 10X20X12 (W x L x H) with 2 filters a marina 15s(15g cap) and a marina i25 (6.6g cap) and a 50w tetra heater (2-10g cap) and a 10w heater (5g cap) that i can add to help raise the temp (if needed). The tempt with the 50w heater is 75-78F. I have live plants that include 3 med amazon swords 1 small amazon sword and 3 med crypts. I keep the lights on for about 6-8hr a day. I plan to add 5-7 some red flame cobra endler livebarer (male only) and 4 pygmy cory/ otto if i can find them and 1 of my males so far im going for my SDlt male. have any of you had experience with this combination, either the endlers or cory/otto. Let me know what you think? i have done the math and the tank is only at 79% stocking
used for reference.

hope all are well and you guys will be seeing more of me both helping and asking

and here are some pics of what the tank is looking like so far and my two babies Tsuki (mustard gas SDLt) and Taiyo (red and blue CT)

Thanks for the help in advance and i apologies for my bad grammar and spelling lol

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Ah with the cycling, I put my betta in before It was cycled, but I would wait. You can do an IN fish cycle but I must warn you that it will be hard on the fish!
Betta are pretty hardy fish though, so it might be ok. I would get testing strips or something!

For the algea... You COULD get mini plecos though, your betta probably wont get along with them.. I have one who only grows about 2 inches, Im not sure what kind he is though but he cleans my 55 gallon well c: Corys can help too, but im not sure if they will clean all the algea off. There are also these little algea eaters that stick to the sides and clean but im not really sure of the name. I think they would get along with the betta, but it depends on how agressive your fish are.

hope this helps, I am still a newbie to this fish hobby so I might be wrong, but this seems to work for me!
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Old 09-02-2012, 01:16 PM   #3 
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Location: Orlando, FL
i think the one that you are thinking of are the otto which are awesome at cleaning but im affraid the space in the divided tank is to small for other fish. Just a heads up with plecos they will grow a lot if you have a common pleco and if its a mini im not to sure but they will turn on your fish after a certain time or if they get too big. Thanks for the help i appreciate it
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Old 09-02-2012, 01:18 PM   #4 
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Bristlenose pleco's get to be about 4"
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Old 09-02-2012, 04:30 PM   #5 
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Hey guys sorry but I need some help so Imma bump my thread
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