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Would be good idea to give betta his own tank , he will be happy :)
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Unfortunately upgrading is not an option, I cannot afford another tank and I am unable to have another tank. They do not seem stressed and I get my water tested regularly to make sure they are healthy. How does no competing cause stress? Each group has a little hierarchy, they have never shown any signs of distress, lack of activity, loss of appetite over aggression or elevated ammonia (if that is the spelling) in the waters. I was never informed of group for catfish or else I would not have bought one. He is a pale orange colour and about the length of my index finger.

I do not plan to put any more fish in the tank so the tetras will have to make do, they do not seem worried or stressed and regularly come to feed with the fighter without any worries. I will keep an eye on it but right now there is little I can do until the fish die of natural causes.


Thanks for the link! I do a 30% water change every week and the tank does have a filter.

As stated I cannot put him in a separate tank, as I have said he seems very happy and wonders around. He travels around the tank regularly and never shows any signs of stress, he never acts aggressively to other fish and they never bother him.

Again this is my first fish, although it says that Betta are happier alone I feel uncomfortable about putting any animal by themselves. Though I have read about this many times and I am learning more and will do things differently next time I get a Betta but for now I am always making sure he is happy. Any change of behavior and I test the water and try to find any issues.

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homegrown terror
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i can't speak to the tetras or catfish, but i've got two mollies in a tank with three platies, two ADF's and a young (about 3-4 months old) female betta, and they get along fine in their species groupings.
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Good luck to you. I don't understand anything about other fish though...but i just would have hospital tank (1 gall) just in case you will see any sign of the aggression or stress then you can use hospital tank for your betta.

Also i would really recommend to do 50% water changes instead of 30% (like Oldfishlady recommendation) with regular gravel vacuuming, filter media swish/wash

Good luck:)
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