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I know for one that Kuro is healthier and can flare for an entire day without being tired. I can even turn on myfilter full blast and he wont be sick of it. I've had him since he was a baby.

On the other hand the pet store oldie that has been living in small containers and has been cupped for a long time have weak muscle. have more health problems and can not tolerate the smallest of currents. With a 10min flare session he could split his tail...

So I do believe in flaring for good health. though if a betta isnt used to it, bet to let him slowly accustom to longer flare times. Flaring does not neccessaroly equate to stress, I know Kuro enjoys it.
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Flaring is good exercise to some extent.
It is okay for you to let them see each other for a little bit every day, given they are not showing any signs of stress, or stress stripes. Some cant handle as frequent flaring sessions.

It is however, not ideal to allow them to view each other 24/7. This may be correct or incorrect depending on the individual betta however. But thats why most of the time we dont reccomend keeping mirrors by betta tanks for extended periods of time.
I would get a piece of cardboard or something like that to put between the tanks.
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Originally Posted by Olympia View Post
I think it's good for them. Pretty sure they get some sort of fulfillment (yes I know fish don't have feelings) from "chasing away" an enemy.

Also, if you flare young bettas, their tails actually grow to a larger spread.
Actually, look at this news from the world of science:
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It's a fish, seems like it's just anthropomorphizing to me. Still don't think a fish can feel fulfillment in life.
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I think Kuro feels fulfilled enough wiggling his butt arouns all day XD

Im sure animals have some kind of conciousness, and the larger the animal the more capacity they have for this :P But in the end I think all animals are like scrat. They can give in to their nature and sink scratlantis XD
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