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Originally Posted by thekinetic View Post
Roxie, I've found a surprising amount of good shoujo's besides sailor moon. Try "ouran high school host club", it has a sweet storyline of a girl pretending to be a boy at a exclusive school's host club (a club that woos girls). Lots of good moments in it, did I mention lots of cute guys in the manga.

I've seen a few others but I can't remember the names right now, too early!>.<'

I'll give saior moon a shot again, even though I watch the original on a site called toonamiaftermath.
Whoa whoa whoa! Who said I was totally against shoujo! I just meant its not my cup of tea, I've just always found shounen and seinen more entertaining. And now that I think about it and am no longer in full on "SAILOR MOON IS BEST SCREW EVERYTHING ELSE!" mode, I will admit there were a few other shoujos I liked, like Fruits Basket and Hatenkou Yuugi (sp? It was called Dazzle in the US for some strange unfathomable reason).

I did try Ouran, and I recall liking it to an extent but for some reason I don't think I ever watched more than the first few eps. One of my friends is CRAZY about it though.

And like TheCrabbyTabby said, Sailor Moon is SO much better if you watch it uncut and with subtitles. You might have to go online for that though, as I don't think they're selling it dvd at ALL anymore. I had to buy bootleg, but I think you can probably find it online somewhere.
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Originally Posted by thekinetic View Post
Yup it's why I prefer subbed kung fu movies, so much more to it. I admire the Japanese for being so open about things, you'd think the US being the "land of the free" would be too but nope. However I played a game a while back that featured a flamboyant gay guy a one of the main characters, he was in love with another of the main characters, I think it was "Enchanted Arms".

Most just can't seem to grasp the concept of romance, it's why I think only women and gays seem to have their head on straight because straight guys obviously don't understand it.XD

It's why I like anime, the love in it is always so beautiful and truthful.
I know. Isn't it?
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It kind of sets a unreasonable standard but it's one I would try to live up to. But of course I'm a hopeless romantic, truthfulness and loyalty is what I am. Or mabey I watch too much anime. XD
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