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Exclamation white fuzz in my tank??

Hey y'all
I am new to owning a fish so please don't jump all over me if I'm doing something wrong here, I just need help.. With that being said, my betta is a bright red and shiny blue Veiltale Male named MJ. He was absolutely beautiful. I got him just over a month ago. When I first got him he was doing AWESOME! Everytime I would change his water, he would build me a new bubble nest. He was super active and swam around alot, and he ate like a pig (the little amount of food I give him that is).. But then I noticed that his fins were clumped together at the end, and a little torn and they were getting smaller. I read that this is probably fin rot? So I ordered some medicine online for that. Before it got here though, he got way worse.. He lost his color and turned a dark purple/black color mostly around his head, and his chin area by his gills turned a white-ish grey color. He stopped swimming around and started sitting at the bottom of the tank next to a leaf of the plant thats in there all day. When I tried to feed him, he would eat the food, flare his gills, wiggle around and shake like crazy, spit the food out, and then he would swim around like crazy for about 10-15 seconds, and then he would return to his spot by the leaf. It looked like eating the pellets was painful, but even if i crushed them up to make them smaller, he would do the same thing. So when the medicine got here, I started the dosages right away. Within the next day, he was swimming around again, had more color, and was eating the smaller pellets like normal. I was so excited that he was getting better. Now it seems like I have a new problem though, I didn't know about a nitrogen cycle that a tank had to have.. I bought all new stuff for my tank (the actual tank and the plant) I got the sand in the bottom from a lake near my house and cleaned it like crazy before I added him to the water. Anyway, I didn't know about this nitrogen cycle and I just read about it. I have this white fuzzy cottony looking stuff EVERYWHERE in my tank.. Some of it is even stuck to his fins. Is growing on the bottom on the sand, all over the whole plant, its just floating freely in the water. Is this becase of the nitorgen cycle? Is MJ going to die? Is there anything I can do to help him? PLEASEE just let me know!

More Info:
-He's in a 1-gallon size glass fish bowl that has a heater keeping the water at about 80 degrees at all times (I have a thermometer in there too).. I know he should be in a bigger tank but this is all I have for now.. I figured it was way better than the little tub he came in, and it has to be better than the tiny kits you can buy for them.
-The medicine I am using is BettaFix, each dosage is half a teaspoon. I also use an API aquarium salt with the medicine because I heard that helps with the healing..
-I use a Tetra BettaSafe water conditioner to make the tap water safe for him to live in
-His food is Aqueon Betta Food pellets.. I chose this because it said it had all natural ingredients. I feed him three pellets a day, usually in the morning. I fast him one day a week, usually the day right before I change his water.
-I do a 100% water change about once a week because it doesn't have a filter.
-The plant in his tank is a fake silk plant. I washed it in white vinegar, and then soaked it in hot water before putting it in the tank with him.
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here is a picture of what the fuzz looks like.. this is not a picture of the plant in my tank, but this is EXACTLY what the fuzz looks like..
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