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I am in a similar situation with a 20 gallon long and a betta, but I am going to go the route of getting a school of rasboras. They tend to not be as nippy and don't compete color wise to raise the aggression of the betta.
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corys need to be in a school of 6 or more as well.

here is my suggestion:
8-10 tetra
6-8 corys
1 male betta

not overstocked and you have fish at each level, I wouldnt get platies or swords personally so the betta has the top level to himself.
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Hey Guys,

You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find ammonia here... so much so that I couldn't get any. Only ammonia I could find was in Walmart, it had some chemicals which were on the nono list.

So I had to do a fish cycle, its almost complete. I'm keeping a keen eye on my fish and water parameters with daily changes (amount depend on levels).
Just thought I show you what it looks like so far! Looking for rocks to put in it, and I refuse to pay +30 bucks for rocks. Found some sandstone which I'm going to do tests to see if it's usable.

Also I am not sure if the light has enough energy/uv to sustain plants. Since it was bought second hand, the lady I got the tank from didn't know whether it could or not. Its a darkish purple light compared to my florescent brightish light from the 10 gallon. Would this be one of those low lights that plants can live off of?

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20 gallon, bio, cycling, planting, stocking

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