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Location: Georgia
New here and having breeding problem......

Years ago my wife and I bred Bettas without a problem. However this time around we are having a problem with the breeding taking place, the male placing the eggs, and the first day is great. BUT by the second day the eggs are steady falling and it is all the male can do to keep them in the nest. We have had a couple that have made it to small fry (not free swimmers yet) and then the next day they are just gone. This is happening with 4 pairs of Bettas right now. I have the set up as best as I can from what I have read here and other forums. Just frustrating to get so close and then fail. Feels like Im letting the Bettas down. Any ideas would be great. TIA, Thomas
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The bubble nest is too thin.

As long as the dad tends to the nest he was conditioned right but if not then you should recondition the dad and place something to anchor the bubble nest.

Mr.Vampire's advices on sticky's are really useful.
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If your tank is not tightly sealed you bubblenest will pop. Use clear plastic wrap to cover your tank. Also IAL helps bond the bubbles.
As for the fry dying, are you testing your ammonia levels? What are they? Optimum water conditions are super important to the fry. How does your setup look like?
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When I open my tank cover and a slight breeze blows I can see the bubbles popping. A good cover does help a lot.
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Welcome to the forum,

Can you post a pic of the spawning tank and what method are you using.
Do you have any water pram numbers for both the tank and source water and what is the source water.
How did you condition the breeders, how old are the breeders, what did you use for the nest anchor....etc.....

What kind of food are you using for the fry

The more info we have the more we can help you figure out what went wrong.....
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