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Old 09-06-2012, 11:15 AM   #1 
Opioid Slumber
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The story of your first betta

I would enjoy reading member's stories about getting their first betta. Tell your story! Here is mine :

My fiancee and I decided to get two bettas, one for each of us, for Valentine's Day. We both have always loved fish and thought it would be something sweet that we could enjoy together. So we went and stocked up on two tanks, plus everything to go with them. Then we went and took a long time picking out the perfect bettas. We got home, set everything up and had a wonderful time together with our new family members. Those two bettas turned into an obsession for both of us. We now have seven tanks with five bettas, five fancy goldfish, two mollies, three platies and three African Dwarf frogs. We plan on getting another tank for our next anniversary, which is in December. My fiancee and our son also got me a betta for my first Mother's Day this year! Betta fish are our holiday gifts to each other now, and we couldn't be happier! We never get tired of caring for, staring at or talking about all of our soggy family members.
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Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Hi Opioid Slumber I also live in TN and got my first Betta from my daughter this year for Mothers Day, best Mothers Day ever !!!! She is a Latin teacher so I asked her for a Greek myth name and when she said Perseus I knew that was perfect for him and turns out it really is ! He is such a Brave little guy and patrols his 5 gallon home all day and also notices anything around his tank that sits on my dining room table so I have to be careful what I sit around it or he will flare all day at Perseus is my first fish ever and so happy and feel blessed to have him, he is such a delight and I love him so much ! He has been busy this week working on his bubble nest and nothing I love more to do than watch him blow bubbles !
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Old 09-06-2012, 11:59 AM   #3 
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Join Date: Apr 2012
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Aww..that is so beautiful:) Thanks so much for sharing that story..I love hearing about how members acquire thier bettas as well..This is Sammy's story:Our First Betta~

My daughter was begging for a cat, dog, bunny, I kept telling her at the time, no, we cannot have a pet right a friend of mine was out with her I got a phone call, Mommy can I have a fish? I said sure, a fish is fine..and she came home with our first betta, that she picked out..and I didn't know anything about them at the time, only knew them as "Japanese Fighting fish" so, I kept staring at him, tried to feed him, and then started lookin up on line, "What a Betta really is" and I was so impressed, that I knew he could not stay in his "Basic" petco plastic bowl, I wanted him to have a beautiful big home, so I got a Kritter Keeper, 2 gal, but it was temp also, just wanted him out of that bowl.

Then I immediatley ordered a 3 gal on line..and that was back in April, which at the time was my daughter's Sammy was her present, then in June, I moved Sammy into a 5 gallon tank, and spruced it up with new plants, and a Betta Log, and then I figured now I have a 3 gal ready for another fish..and then I took in a rescue, that the prev owner didn't want..and he was very thin, and sick..but I treated him, and now he is thriving in the 3 gal, and beautiful his name is Sapphire.

Then long story short I took in 3 other rescue fishy's that are all fully recovered and in new tanks of their own. 2 girls-Pepsy, and PomPom and another male, Named Crimson:) That is our beautiful fishy Family:) They are soo addictive, and adorable..and one is never enough..:)
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Old 09-06-2012, 12:14 PM   #4 
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Location: Oklahoma
My first guy was, i was walking around walmart and i had just got 30$ and i went to the fish becauswe i like to look at them, so i saw a betta i liked and i bought him, and bought everything with a picture of a betta on it, and on the way home i said 'momma what do i name this mister' she said ' mister!!!' soooo thats that.
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Old 09-06-2012, 06:37 PM   #5 
LadyVictorian's Avatar
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Location: Coon Rapids, MN
My first Betta was Flame. He was red and I was about 7 years old when I got him. I didn't get him because he was pretty or because he had a personality. I got him because his tail was eaten off and he looked grey. We use to have gupies before that and gold fish for about five years and my dad had two sunies we had caught one year and he set up a giant tank for them in the living room until they got too big and went back into a lake. I think it was shortly after we let them go that we went to some kind of pet store, it was a smaller place that is now shut down for animal cruelty. I wanted him so bad and begged my parents so they got him for me and we took him home. He was mostly grey but you could tell he was suppose to be red. For two weeks we cared for him and tried to help him recover but he passed away. After Flame died I was so disappointed thinking he would get better and be world famous like the orca whales in sea world and do miraculous tricks but he just passed away. About a month later we got another fish, an electric blue male we named Jaws. He lived a little over three years with us and was such a great pet as a child.
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Join Date: Jul 2010
Short and sad. Bought a Petco Baby Betta. I didn't know about cycling tanks and she died from ammonia poisoning

So I got an adult male, a big eared beauty named Phillip as a replacement.

Now I haved 2 males, 9 females and growing!

All this started last January!
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Old 09-06-2012, 07:27 PM   #7 
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My Sasuke's story was an interesting one.

I was at a function of some sort, admiring the centerpiece on my table. A glass bowl, with colored marbles in it. Then he swam into view. A gorgeous, purple-bodied, blue-tailed VT. The lady who was in charge of the function said that the bettas were to be adopted by the families t their table. I looked at my aunt, she nodded, and Sasuke was mine.
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I got Antoine as a christmas present. Had him for 3 weeks, then he died on me
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I picked up my first betta shortly after I really started more seriously getting into fish keeping. I had really never thought too much on the subject of bettas and never had one when I was younger, though I had had various fish on and off my whole life.....but when I went to public school a couple of times our class pet was a betta in one of those little planted vases. I remember always thinking how sad they looked in those things....
Anyway, my first betta I picked up in a Ben Franklins craft store a little over three years ago. They had several in various little bowls on one of the end caps, and I recalled reading that bettas were sometimes kept in community I brought home a lovely little teal blue VT boy named Sasuke.

He captured my heart instantly with his 'grumpy' little personality and attentiveness. He was the first fish I'd ever had that really payed attention to me in a way that made me feel like he was a tiny little underwater puppy watching me. Fascinated, I began to do more research, and after a couple of months of reading and learning and a rather interesting betta dream....I was completely hooked on bettas. xD
A little over three years and two moves(one cross country)later I currently have ten boys, five tanks set up, one tank empty, and two more I just ordered today. xD Mom would probably strangle me if I tried breeding(again)and shes nixed my hopes of getting another dog after we had to give ours away a year ago when we moved from Washington, so she has to deal with a bunch of pet bettas and tanks in my room now. :P Lol. xD I'm hoping maybe to do a little rescuing and adopting though perhaps.
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homegrown terror
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Originally Posted by KymnSasuke View Post
My Sasuke's story was an interesting one.

I was at a function of some sort, admiring the centerpiece on my table. A glass bowl, with colored marbles in it. Then he swam into view. A gorgeous, purple-bodied, blue-tailed VT. The lady who was in charge of the function said that the bettas were to be adopted by the families t their table. I looked at my aunt, she nodded, and Sasuke was mine.
i hope those centerpieces were only meant as temporary homes, and that the host told people what they should do once they bring them home! that's the only time i think a betta should ever be in a vase is a temporary presentation, like giving a gift, with the knowledge that he'll go in a tank and flowers will go in the vase. you'd never get a new CD, or a new phone, or anything really as a gift, and leave it in its wrapping!

haha opioid is right though, that wonderfully fateful valentines day certainly was a gateway drug for us. now i'm just waiting for the day when our son Lucian's friends start calling his parents "the crazy fish people"
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