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Blanched Peas: Good or bad?

One of the few things that was essentially agreed upon in all of my reading was that a simple treatment for constipation is a mushed green pea.

However, while on this forum, this came into question, and now I'm worried because I use green peas rather frequently.

What's the verdict guys? What can peas be used for? Are they bad for my bettas?
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I hear they are not good, and could cause more problems, long run, it's best to use a varied diet, and if constipation arises, then Frozen daphnia is best.
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IMO/E-use of small amount of green pea for constipation is not harmful to a Betta, however, often its not needed-usually a 24-48h fast and/or diet and water changes will fix the problem.

Green pea shouldn't be used as part of the staple diet since it can pass through the short GI tract before nutrients are absorbed-but use on occasion shouldn't cause problems-I like to use spinach as the fiber source mixed with a high protein-somewhat like gut loading live food.

You also don't want to confuse a normal full tummy with true bloat or constipation and treat needlessly. Generally with bloat and constipation you will have other signs/symptoms along with the enlarged abdomen-Like: buoyancy issues, lethargic, hiding, clamp fins, stops eating and pooping-remembering that sometimes they will eat their poop and/or blow it in and out so that you don't always see it.

Enlarged abdomen can also be due to poor quality foods that are high in grain/grain byproducts that produce gas. Often a 24h fast and change in diet will fix the problem.

You also don't want to soak foods-while a pellet will expand in water-the Betta gut has enzymes and gastric acid that break the food down for digestion/absorption. Soaking foods you risk leaching nutrients and water soluble vitamins.
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green peas, peas

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