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Originally Posted by zebra3 View Post
Hey, thanks a lot guys.

Rich: I keep the tank clean by doing weekly (give or take a day or two) water changes. I may switch to weekly 50% changes and bi-weekly 100% changes if I get a plant, depending on if that affects the ammonia levels, a fact which I don't know. The biggest aid/hinder in cleaning is that if my fish does not allow food to drop down to the rocks. If the rocks get dirty, I feel like I have to clean them.
I feed my fish a combination of New Life Spectrum Betta formula and flakes. Sometimes he spits out the new life but it is better for him.
I have no other fish. If I got a three gallon I would either get a dwarf frog and shrimp, or maybe a couple small fish.
No ornaments, I'd like a piece of small driftwood.
Lighting: I have natural light from a window on the tank from about 11am to 6 pm, depending on how hot the room temp is. I have a 7watt bulb as well that doesn't get used much this time of year.

Speaking of driftwood, can plants be attached to it? If so, can most plants work that way?
Also related, anyone want to sell me some frogbit? I like the look of it, though since apparently bettas can/will jump out of their tanks I have to have a lid on it.

No filter. Can post pics later.
It's five gallons min to keep other aquatic animals in with your betta and 10 gal min to keep other freshwater fish with it. 3 gallons would be too small. At most you could have maybe one shrimp in it because they don't have much of a bioload otherwise if you want an ADF get a 5 gal tank. If you want other fish you NEED a 10 gal.

Also do you have a heater for your betta?

I would say for smaller tanks something like java moss is best, it stays fairly small and is easy to care for. I'm getting some for my 5.5 gal soon enough for my fish and shrimp (when I get them after cycling my tank)
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