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What to look for at the petstore?

I am on the market for one more betta (for now anyways lol) what do you look for in petstore bettas? I just brought my new guy home yesterday, he appeared quiet but healthy. Other bettas seems dreary with clamped fins laying on their sides. Some were really active or fiesty. Some had signs of fin nipping or rot. Others were just like the guy I bought yesterday, quiet but sitting at the surface of his water just hanging out.
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You want to look for an active bettas. One that looks nice and alert. If you put him nest to another bettas he will flare and wiggle.
Of course, that's if you're looking for a healthy one... some people in this forum go for sickly fish.
Petco has the best selection of bettas in my area. Also, you could call the store and ask when their betta shipments come in and get them as soon as they hit the store which is when they will be the healtiest.
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-Clean water. Pristine water is a sign that the bettas are in good care, meaning they are less prone to illness.
-Swimming/At the surface. A betta that is laying on the bottom of the cup is a sign of an unhealthy betta. It is normal for bettas to hang at the surface since they use their labyrinth organ to breathe at the surface. A good sign is the betta actively swimming in the cup.
-Edges of fins/tail is not black. Black edges is a sign of fin rot.
-Not bloated.
-Scales are smooth. Pertruding scales like a pine cone is a sign of dropsy- which is very very difficult to treat- especially when it gets to that stage.
-Eyes are normal size. A betta with one of two abnormally large eyes might have pop eye.
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