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invertebrates for driftwood?

i plan on doing a 5.5 planted tank with driftwood for my PK. ive heard that shrimp and snails like to eat the gunk off the driftwood but im curious to see which is better for that size tank and which is better all around for my tank.
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Things like ghost shrimp are good just remember 5.5 is pretty small.
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Snails would be less work.

  • As long as the betta doesn't eat your snails, you should be good with them. Just figure out which one you want. Stores usually offer about 4-5 different types.
  • Personally I think it would be easier to buy plants and tell the fish guy to throw in a few of the pest snails. They're EASY to eradicate, I don't know why people freak out about them so much.
  • Shrimp are definitely more entertaining and fun to watch when they run around cleaning things, but bettas love to rip off their legs and eat them.
  • If you get the ghost shrimp, they should be cheaper than getting a $1.50 - $2 snail since the ghosties are usually 3/$1
  • I like the more exotic types of ornamental shrimps. The fire reds/blue/rili/yellow/sunkist shrimp, but it's near IMPOSSIBLE to find a betta that won't eat them.
  • This is one good reason to buy a BLIND betta if you ever find one, but how you would keep a blind fish alive that needs to breathe air, I have no idea.
  • As for your male who's chipmunking.... get a 2lb box of E salt. Should cost you $1 @ DT. Dip him in that.
  • Stop feeding him for a good 3-5 days. If mr fish gets lethargic, then feed him 1 pellet, but no more until he slims down.
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