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Water Lettuce can survive soooo much.
I had a baby pike (an inch long) for a month, so I scooped up some filthy pond water with TONS of tiny organisms, tossed in a giant ball of algae, a big scoop of water lettuce, and used the organisms to feed the pike.
I didn't even keep the bucket in the light, it just stayed in the shade on the back deck for maybe 4 months after I gave the pike back to my friend (don't ask lol) and I totally forgot about it...
A few weeks ago I decided to dump the bucket, and I found that the water lettuce was a brilliant green and it had completely overtaken the 5 gallon bucket. I threw it out anyway because there were so many possibly fish-dangerous organisms in there.

So yeah, water lettuce is easy to care for.
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Thanks. :3 i think i'll get it. 8U i've wanted to try live plants for a while, but i've been hesitant, because i killed Marimo and Java moss. . _. i didn't wanna buy some plants, only to kill them, so.... :B
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Originally Posted by aokashi View Post
I want some! Imm guessing that the duckweed hasnt arrived yet? sigh Usps.
Keyword had. I think I have one little thing that hasn't done anything. Go on TFK I believe there is someone selling some. I like the look of frogbit better, and they have the same type of root structures so yeah. I need to get frogbit... Oh and no, no package yet...

Make sure you have a plant light though! Or else it isn't going to do anything.

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I received RAOK dwarf water lettuce from 2 different sources and it definitely likes light!

It does very well in my fluval spec 2 with a photoperiod of 6 hours using the stock LED light.

Not so well in my 5 g tank which shares a cfl hood made by with my 2.5 snail tank.

So I need to buy a dedicated light for the 5 g at either home depot or Walmart today. Bc I recent also received salvinia and one frogbit.

There is a great discussion about the kinds of light necessary for good plants at another forum I joined specifically about planted tanks.

I can PM you a link.
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