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Male/female divided tank?

I got a new "male" the other day for my bday, my first ever plakat. I posted in the photo section to introduce him and some friends on this forum as well as another forum have been questioning whether or not its an actual male or female. The container he was in said male but then again I read somewhere that petstores can mess up. I googled both male and female plakats, they are so similair, I see both indications of female and male, the only thing I dont see is the white spot on the belly, then again he/she is whitish color, however nothing sticks out so if there is a white spot its flat to the body. Anywho my Q is...if this is by some random chance a mistaken female, can I still put a male on the other side, because that was my original plan in this divided tank (to have 2 male plakats). Im kinda going to go about things as though he were a male as advertized and im like 75% sure he probably is. I will post a pic in a little while. So can a female and male share a divided tank if it turns out shes/he is a really masculine female?
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If the tank is 5 gallons or above, heavily planted, and has massive filtration, you can have a tank divided with a female and a male. :) They produce a hormone that will make the other Betta sense the other one and they'll either breed or fight. They could jump really high, so don't take risks! Plants and filtration can make the hormone go bye-bye so they won't do "it".
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