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PeeWee the flaring fool

I am new to fish keeping but did a lot of researching. We got a 5 gallon glass fish tank with a filter, heater, hood, lights, etc. The temperature is a steady 80 degrees.

Decorated it with live and silk plants, cycled it and got our little fishy friend. He looked awful, we decided to get the one we thought no one would want.
Put PeeWee in a .5 gallon for a week to QT him, his fins spread, he colored up (blue and red and a little turquoise). He was very active.

We then put him in his big boy 5 gallon and he just goes up and down the sides flaring at himself. Flare, flare, flare except for a quick run over to the front to beg for food and then back over to the sides to flare, flare, flare. Haven't actually seen him rest yet and he has been in the tank for one week.

He is in a room that gets a lot of light but no direct sun. I got worried that he doesn't rest even with a betta log and betta hammock. Just goes up and down flaring at this reflection.

I removed the pet store bought background hoping it would help decrease any reflection. It didn't help much, he just changed his favorite place to flare at himself. Now it is in front of the filter which I guess is the most reflective spot now. We rarely turn the tank light on and don't need any other lights in the room during the day as it is so filled with light.

Would getting a plastic tank help, be less reflective? I spent so much time decorating and cycling his glass tank. :(

Any thoughts on ways to decrease reflection? He needs to be in the room he is in.
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He is still adjusting to a new envirement.
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Thats a though you have any tall bushy plants you could put along the sides he flares at ?

How long has he been in the 5 gallon ? Mine did that for a couple of days but now never maybe yours will adjust after a few days..I hope so .
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