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heating my tanks? How cold is too cold?

Hey everyone!
I just a got a 20 gallon long that I would like to divide and keep in my office where we work about 6 or 7 hours a day. The room is not heated like the rest of the house and is only heated by a professional propain heater (unfortunately it still gets chilly in there, theres not much insolation in that one room). The heater is kept on but the room is about 80 when we work and probably between 60 and 70 in the evening hours when we turn the heat down. My tanks are heated and this one would deffinitely have a heater. Will the heater maintain the heat well enough in that room or would it get too cold?

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Your heater should keep the water temp fairly stable even in the cooler room.

I heat my house with a fireplace and while the tanks are in the same room-they are across the room about 50feet from the heat source and its pretty cold over on the aquarium side...maybe 50-60 degrees and my tanks-even the 1gals will stay in the 76-77F range. I use the 78F preset type 25w (Tetra brand) on my 1-10gal unfiltered soil based heavy planted tanks and have not had any issues. On my 20g-75gal NPT's with the adjustable heaters set at 80F will stay in the 77-78F range. I use 2-100w in the 55gal and 2-200w in the 75gal-On the 20 and 25gal's I use 1-75-100w.

Water temp stay pretty close to what I want, however, in the lower level-especially under plants it can sometimes be as much as 10 degrees cooler-especially in the deeper tanks...a bit less in the smaller tanks.

All my Bettas seem to be fine and stay healthy as well as eggs/fry don't seem to have any issues either.

I have found with healthy Bettas the gradual temp change related to room temp, day/night, lights on/off and at different levels to be tolerated.

What watt heater do you have-you might add a second heater since it is a 20gal long-as well as a second thermometer at either end.
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I don't have any heaters yet, and I'm freakin' cause it's supposed to be down to 70 here tonight...hoping the house stays warm enough for them all. I am going to have to buy heaters one at a time, or move them all to a room with a space heater running.
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I would say do two heaters rated for 20 gal tanks at either end of the tank. Laying fully submersible ones on their sides will help with the distribution of heat. Aqueon make a good fully submersible heater. I use them in my tropical tanks.

How many sections will your tank be divided into?
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Location: Maine
Awesome info! thanks everyone!
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