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Baby Betta

A friend of mine recently purchased a baby betta from Petco without knowing the care they need. Once they got home and got on the net, they decided they could not give the baby the care it needs. Here's where I come in I'm known as the crazy fish/cat/bird lady amongst friends so they called me up and asked me if I could take it. My betta recently passed and I have a pretty decent setup so I said I would take the baby.

I have two different setups and I'm curious as to which would be a better environment for a baby. I have a five gallon eclipse hex with a modified filter (reduced current) and a heater that keeps it at a constant 78 degrees. The other setup I have is a one gallon tank with a small heater that keeps it 82 degrees and a Marina i25 filter. There is no light on that setup, but it has a lid.

Should I keep the baby in the one gallon until it gets bigger and then transfer it to the five gallon? Or should I just start with it in the five gallon? I have not seen the baby yet, so I do not know what condition it is in. Also, I was going to get Hikari First Bites... any other food I should pick up?
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The big difference between baby betta and adult betta is the growth stunting hormone. Babies as they grow release a hormone that will stunt their growth, without tons of water changes they will become stunted. In the one gallon I'd recommend 50% water changes every day and in the 5 gallon 100% water changes once a week.

As for foods you want variety, variety, variety. he might be too big for hikari first bites (its literally a powder). Instead maybe invest in some frozen blood worms or glass worms. Once thawed (and possibly chopped) they make a great food for younger bettas. Also depending upon size you could probably give him/her crushed pellets along with everything else.
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