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Use the financial gain bit to convince stores to treat them properly. If people see them in halfway decent tanks (at LEAST 1 gallon, if they will not go larger) with filters, decoration, and heaters, they will assume that is what they need to be properly cared for. That means they will BUY larger tanks with all the furnishings, which means more profit for the stores.

I walk into my LFS, and if I knew NOTHING about bettas, I would think that anything less than 1 gallon with a bit of decoration, filtration, and heaters was not enough. Ideally they would be in more, sure, but they get cleaned constantly, so they always look nice and healthy. Sure, once in a while you get one that has something wrong, but considering the number of bettas (and fish in general) they have, seeing one or two in all the tanks is not that bad. Most are swimming around, flaring at each other, building bubble nests, and just being bettas.

Also, if the fish look healthy, they are going to be brighter, more likely to flare, etc. That means they are going to be more likely to be SOLD.
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My husband's betta, Sushi, was kind of a sympathy purchase. Our local walmart only had a few bettas left, and 2 were floating dead. They were taking horrible care of them, even when I had complained previously (they just don't care). He bought a blue crown tail. The next day the remaining live ones were already purchased and gone. 1 dead guy remained there for 5 days on the shelf. They have NOT had any bettas since then (a couple of months ago), and even all of their fish tanks are 100% empty. The other walmart near here still has fish, but they seem to care at least a shred. I'm thrilled at this... as I suppose I was not the only one complaining... and I'd rather them have none than have some and neglect them.

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Luckily in the beginning I never heard the myths but I started bad in a 1.5 I added a heater later without being told my sisters same tank without heater I now have in a great tank check the male betta sig.
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