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What should i do?

I recently had to deal with my molly dropping fry which I now have in a separate tank for them. There are eleven fry but my question is about this one little guy. I noticed lately while all it's siblings get more active and swim around he tends to lie at the bottom of the tank. This fry I noticed looks like he may have been born prematurely, he's a darker color than all his other siblinmgs, no matter how much he eats can't develop a belly like the others and his spine looks curved (his tail points up). The few times that he does swim it's in short sporadic bursts and he gets tired quickly. I put my bvettas hamock in there to serve as a rest spot near the surface which he was using but now... The poor fella just lies under the airstone gasping and lieing very still (still alive) at the bottom. I need any help, is there anything I can do for him? Should I try to help him fight and develop or find a way to humanely euthanize him. I want this little guy to pull through but I don't know if I can stand watching him gasp at the bottom of the tank. I clean the tank everyday to every other day about 20-50% and add lightly salted water about 1 tbsp to 3 gallon(container I use to hold treated water)
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If I were you id let him have a chance at life. Just leave him in the tabk with the others for now, and watch him. See if he gets better or worse. Im guessing he wont make it, but you never know miracles could happen.
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