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Unhappy Shredded Tail

Help! I have two betta fish separated by a divider in a 2.5 gallon tank. The fish that is not on the side of the filter has what appears to be holes in his tail. There are sections of his tail missing and the tips are raggedy. I thought it was one fish nipping at the other through the divider, so I separated them father with some thin plants. I've been observing them and they don't seem to go near each other anymore, but his fin is getting worse. Could he have fin rot? If I put salt in the tank for the fin rot will it harm the other fish (and the black mystery snail, which is on the side with the filter and the unharmed betta)? What's wrong with my fish? Help!!

Two pictures of the situation:



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2 bettas and a snail in a 2.5 is really excessive. The lack of space on each side of the divider is probably the culprit. In constant view of each other one probably chewed his tail out of stress (especially likely if he has a heavy tail like a HM or DT). Either that or there's a strong current (bubbler or filter) or a plant ripped it.
Firstly, no it is NOT fin rot. That takes time in a filthy tank to accumulate into infection. Your fish just ripped/chewed his tail.
You want to separate them into their own 2.5 gallon and keep the water nice and clean so it can grow back.
You do not need aquarium salt or any other medicine at this stage. Clean warm water will heal it up.

***ETA*** if you like the divided tank (I know I sure do!) the mimimum tank size to divide is 5g. Mine is a divided 5.5g giving each fish 2.75 gallons each. The divider is blocked on both sides with plants so they can get some privacy, but also they can see each other and flare and stuff. My VT hasn't chewed his tail since going in and now it's 95% grown back in. Good luck!

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