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Is my betta odd?

I am new here, and while reading through different posts it seems that where and how my betta lives is very different from most.

I have a cream colored halfmoon/plakat that has been living in a 75 gallon for about 6 months. It lives with 6 angels, 10 breeding platys, 3 scarlet badis, and 6 ottos.

All of my fish get along. The betta will flare up at the platys and chase them around occasionally but he doesn't bite them.

All of my fish have perfect fins. My angels even have their little string type fins that are very fragile and fan off of the tail.

I should also mention that my betta was the first fish in this tank too, and I occasionally put semi grown platy fry back into the tank to get them to grow really fast for feeders (I have a hungry congo puffer in another tank)

Would you have a setup like this? Just curious.
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It really just depends on the fish. Some bettas are much more tolerant of other fish than others; just like humans they have personalities. While its not the norm for this species of fish, I wouldn't say that your fish is odd. Many bettas can be brought up in community tanks and get along great with other fish that aren't bettas; its just curious that your fish was the first in the tank and is still so tolerant.

Sounds like an awesome aquarium, by the way! :)
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You mentioned he is a HMPK?? So his tail is short?? That would help him cope with a large community tank so I don't see a problem as long as he doesn't show signs of stress (clamped fins, stress stripe). The tank sounds lovely by the way, do you have a picture?
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Interesting! Does the betta have his own "territory" or does he patrol the whole 75? Is the tank heavily planted? Would love to see some photos!
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