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Question Betta not eating with other fish

Hi everyone!

New here, and new to betta care and fish in general. I did some research before diving in (sorry), what with filters, heaters, fish compatibility, gallon size, and quarantine.

Fast forward a few weeks. I have a 6gal set up with heater (78F), filter, gravel, cave, live plants(soon to be brought in), 3 guppies, and a snail. After a week of water changes, cycling, and tweaking, I have the chemistry just right (amnonia and nitrites). While all of this was happening, my betta was shipped from Thailand and was in a 3.5gal tank for a few weeks just to make sure he was healthy and disease free. He was eating ok (not with gusto, but eating ), and swimming perfectly.

I then introduced him to the larger tank. He is swimming great, no fear, loves to investigate things like the cave, the heater, the filter, and is fascinated with the snail. The guppies keep their distance and the betta just ignores them.

It's been two days and the betta has not been up to eat. He is interested in the sinking flakes, but they float away too quickly. He is a half moon, and sometimes I wonder if the filter is too powerful, or if the guppies are too fast.

Filter is a whisper 10i
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Yeah same here.i have the same filter and my betta will not eat like he should, my other betta on the other saide of the tank eats like he should tho....
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I would try to turn down the filter or try to baffle it and see if that helps.Are the guppies eating the food before he gets a chance to get to it?
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